Hello Dolly

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My day job sent me to the "Eye of the Storm" Because i work in a properties environment I have to take care of properties and have to take care and watch them during Hurricanes along the Texas coast. Hurricane Dolly (2008 First landfall Hurricane) became a Cat-2 Cane on Wednesday for a few hours before hitting land. I was stationed in McAllen Texas as Dolly churned in the Gulf.

i took this shot with my Blackberry Cell Phone as i went into a Lowes in Pharr Texas to purchase a flashlight the night before landfall. i know most of my photos are taken with sometimes some impressive gear but sometimes the best shots are made with what you have on your hip.

This shot was facing the West as the sun set over the city of McAllen. i tell people all the time when they see my camera equipment that you don't need $20,000 worth of cameras and lenses to make a great photo. This proves my point. What is completely ironic is I just received a new 400mm 2.8 VR lens but it is locked up in my house. I have not taken a shot with that lens but I get a nice sunset with a Cell Phone camera.

As For Information I think the Blackberry is a 3meg-pix camera?? Maybe? Shutter? Aperture? your guess is as good as mine...

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