Old Swimmer

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Assignment: North West Weekly, North San Antonio Times, Southside Reporter

Must be July as everything I am shooting is people in the water. Things are also very slow right now so now is a good time for a Hurricane or/and a trip to Vegas. Both will be happening soon I'm sure. This assignment was to shoot a masters swimming team called the Masters of South Texas. Old guys and girls swimming for competition.

Because most of these swimmers have day jobs they practice at local Natatoriums at un-godly hours. This shoot was from 5:30am - 7:00am. I did catch three publications with this one shoot so it should pay off in the long run but still the power drink was in full effect that morning.

I hate shooting in Natatoriums, basically because of the water, humidity and they are usually dark. But with my ISO-friendly D3 things were not as bad as they use to be.

D3 camera with my 70-200mm lens pushed to 200mm. ISO is at 2500. I was in Manual mode so the camera would not get tricked by the reflection on the water. Shutter is at 1/800, aperture is at f/2.8 and I am sitting on the deck to get "under" the swimmer and get some "eyes"

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